Social Worker Admonished In Conduct Hearing

A Care Council for Wales Conduct Committee met this week to consider allegations of misconduct brought against social worker Mr Tapuwa Josia Chabata, who formerly worked in a number of social care organisations in South Wales.

The Committee decided to admonish Mr Chabata for a period of eighteen months. The admonishment means that the Care Council for Wales Register will show that a direction has been made by a Conduct Committee.

During this time, anyone who contacts the Care Council enquiring about Mr Chabata’s registration will be told that he has an admonishment, whilst it is still active.

In coming to its decision, the Committee considered two charges brought against the registrant and found him guilty of misconduct in both.

The Chair of the Committee stated:

The Conduct Committee wishes to stipulate that it is a very serious matter to be found guilty of misconduct. You must understand that the Care Council does not condone or excuse your actions and behaviour.

It is essential that the public have and continue to have confidence in the social care workforce. This Committee should be seen to be safeguarding this interest and the public in general from acts of misconduct by registrants.