Immigration Swoop On Restaurant Staff

Police and immigration officers have arrested seven workers after swooping on a popular Chinese restaurant in Carmarthen. Diners were shocked to see the officers at Hollywood in Priory Street.

One regular came to order her Thursday night takeaway just minutes after the police had arrived. “There were a lot of Chinese people looking very frightened and confused, they didn’t seem to know what to do,” said the customer, who wished to remain anonymous.

“There were about eight of them, some were coming out of the kitchen; they were all quite young.

“A policeman and policewoman were standing in the main restaurant looking serious.

“I then heard a police officer running up the stairs.”

“One officer asked if we had come for food and then told us it could take hours. We decided not to stay and went across the road to another restaurant.

“We saw a family there who had been eating at Hollywood.

“They told us they had eaten their starter in the restaurant but had left and come across the road to the other one to have their main meal.”

Seven employees – all Malaysian and Chinese nationals -were arrested during the raid.

Spokesman for the Border and Immigration Agency, Toby Nation, said: “We can confirm that the agency conducted an operation in the Carmarthen area on May 24.

“As a result of the operation seven individuals were arrested and have been processed in line with agency guidance and procedures.

“This operation is consistent with the agency’s commitment to target illegal working.

“Intelligence-led operations are conducted every day of the week across the country to detect and remove those people who have breached immigration laws. “

Mr Nation added: “The agency, where possible, seeks to remove from the UK any individual found to be knowingly working without leave to remain or working in breach of their conditions of entry.

“This includes illegal workers.”

The restaurant – which was still closed to customers last night – opened in October last year and has been popular with people across Carmarthenshire

The establishment also employed several local people and treated Carmarthen school pupils to a meal as part of their studies into the Chinese New Year.

A sign on the door says the restaurant is closed due to problems with the kitchen.