Heart Risk Study Calls In The Kids

Hundreds of schoolchildren in Carmarthenshire are taking part in a study to look at possible future health problems. The University of Wales College of Medicine and Uwic are looking at signs of cardiovascular risk among those aged 12 to 14.

Findings will be used to provide guidelines to schools on what intensity and level of PE is needed to keep young people fit. Researchers will look at which groups seem to be most at risk of heart disease.

Dr Non Thomas, senior lecturer at Uwic’s Cardiff School of Sport said young people were becoming increasingly sedentary despite health warnings. She said bad fitness levels were found across all ages and income brackets.

Researchers will ask 600 pupils at schools in Carmarthenshire about their activity levels and diet. “We are on a downward slope,” Dr Thomas said. If young people don’t become more active they are going to continue in a health and fitness decline. Schools and parents need to do more to get young people active.”