Dedicated Smoker Builds ‘Private Pub’ For Friends

Kerry Morgan, a dedicated “pint and cigarette” man, was so incensed at the idea of a smoking ban in public places he decided to build his own private pub where people can smoke.

The 50-year-old property developer from Briton Ferry, Neath, began building an extension to his home last year when the ban was agreed. Now, the 90-seater “pub” compete with draught beers, a jukebox and a big screen for showing sports matches is open to all his friends.

To ensure the premises are above board everything inside is free though friends are encouraged to “bring a bottle”. It is also technically not open to the public because only Mr Morgan’s pals or members of his family are allowed in.

Known as the Malcolm Davies bar in memory of one of Mr Morgan’s close friends who died last year, the new watering hole welcomes smokers. In fact Mr Morgan is so against anti-smoking bans he has refused to go to Ireland or the USA because of smoking bans imposed there.

He said, “A pint and a cigarette go hand in hand. People who work hard all week and want to go out for the evening should relax as they choose. The ban is a step too far so I decided to build a pub on the side of my own house.”