New Residential Home On The Cards

Plans are under way to build a new 60-bed residential home in Risca. Caerphilly Council is proposing to build a new home on the site of the existing Ty Darren Residential Home, along with a new car park and associated works.

Outline planning permission is being sought by the council’s Social Services department for the project and then the plan is to sell the land as a going concern for a developer to build the new home.

It would be down to the developer to then decide when applying for full planning permission, whether or not to adapt the existing building or demolish it and build a new facility. The appointed developer can then develop the site and increase the type of care offered.

The authority is only able to offer residential care, whereas an external provider can also provide nursing care and other higher dependency care types.

A report to the planning committee says: “This additional care has been identified as a fast growing need as people live longer and their long-term health needs become more complex. In order to comply with the relevant care standards the current accommodation in Ty Darren will need to be improved and increased to make it viable.”

Various different outside agencies have been consulted about the project and the Environment Agency and Gwent Wildlife Trust have not logged any objections.

Local residents have also been informed and have not submitted any objections as yet.

Risca West councillor David Wiltshire said “I think it will be an advantageous project for the area. It will be a facility that will not only benefit the people of Risca but the borough of Caerphilly.”

The home currently has 22 residents and the proposal would more than double its capacity.