Teenage Girl Tells Of ‘Aggressive’ Rape

A teenage girl told a court yesterday how she was raped by a pub regular, after they swapped mobile phone numbers. Craig Davies, 26, and the school girl exchanged text messages when he invited her to a party.

She agreed to have sex with him after the party – but then changed her mind about carrying on. Prosecutor Peter Davies said: “After texting each other a few times, she agreed to meet him. They went to a party together and at the end of the evening he invited her back to his house. They went to his room and began kissing. He undressed her and they had consensual sex.”

He then slapped her in the face and called her a ‘slut’, he said. The 16-year-old girl said: “Almost as soon as we started having sex I was having second thoughts and wishing I could go home. Then he started slapping me. He was being very aggressive and I said I wanted him to stop. I kept saying no but he carried on.”

Cardiff Crown Court heard the girl was admitted to hospital the next day with severe internal injuries and did not recover fully for months. She did not report the alleged attack to police until a year later.

Davies, from Barry, denies rape and insists sex was consensual. The trial continues.