Children As Young As 10 On Drugs

Gwent’s top detective says children as young as 10 are using cannabis. Chief Superintendent Ray Wise told the Argus that by the time some children left primary school, they were “aware of drugs and have used drugs”.

But he said there was “no evidence” that dealers were targeting primary schools. Mr Wise said: “Drugs are an issue in schools from an early age and evidence shows that goes right down to junior schools.

“We have got evidence of cannabis being present in some schools, including junior schools, in Gwent.

“Cannabis dealers want to get our youngsters involved in drugs at the earliest possible age.

“By the time kids get to secondary schools they will be aware of the dealers and of the drugs. Cannabis is the major drug being used in schools.”

A new helpline is now open to anyone affected by drugs or alcohol, be it parents, users or anyone needing help or advice.