Owen Smith accuses PM over ‘rising tide of racism’ as hate crime rises 100%

Theresa May has been accused of presiding over a rising tide of racism in the UK at Prime Minister’s Questions.

Labour’s Owen Smith said incidents had jumped “100%” since she came to office, which she put down to improving how hate crimes are recorded.

The MP for Pontypridd and former shadow minister said: “The Prime Minister will know there is a rising tide of racism in our country.

“Since she came to office race hate crime has increased by 100% to 72,000 separate attacks last year.

“What is happening to our country on her watch?”

Mrs May responded: “When I was home secretary I took measures to ensure we improved the recording of hate crime because we didn’t have a full picture of what was happening.

“The (current) Home Secretary Sajd Javid has recently reviewed and revised our hate crime strategy.

“But the point underlying what the honourable gentleman has said… is that none of us should accept hate crime.

“We all should be very clear from this House there is no place for hate crime in our society, and wherever we see racism, in whatever form, we should all take action to eradicate it.”

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