Llandudno Hospital becomes first in North Wales to win Dementia accreditation

Llandudno Hospital has become the first hospital in North Wales to receive a national accreditation celebrating its efforts to support patients with dementia.

The hospital is the first in North Wales to be recognised by the Alzheimer’s Society as part of its work to recognise organisations and individuals supporting awareness around the life-limiting condition.
Hospital staff have carried out a range of activities to help staff, patients and local residents understand more about Dementia and how it affects patients and their families.
Efforts from staff at the hospital include meeting with local businesses, schools and community health facilities, including pharmacies and dentists, to help raise awareness about how to help people living with Dementia.
More than 200 people have also signed up as Dementia Friends through the hospital. The scheme which provides basic information and understanding of supporting people with dementia.
Llandudno Hospital also has two full-time Dementia Support Workers helping enhance care provided to patients. Their role includes arranging activities to improve patient wellbeing, as well as providing supplementary care and companionship to people living with dementia who are in-patients at the hospital.
Rachel Richards, one of the Dementia Support Workers at the hospital, was a winner at the Unison Cymru NHS Awards, having been given the Outstanding Person Award for her tireless work to raise awareness of Dementia.
Tina Macphail-Owen, Matron for Llandudno Hospital, said: “Our staff have worked so hard on raising awareness about Dementia and improving the care we provide, and I’m really proud of what they’ve achieved.
“It’s not just been about doing more here at the hospital. Our team have been out to local dentists, care homes and agencies, met with councillors, and brought schools in to help share advice and awareness about caring for people with dementia.
“Everyone has really bought into the vision of improving life for people with Dementia not just in our hospital, but in Llandudno and the wider Conwy community as well.”
Representatives from the Alzheimer’s Society visited the hospital to present staff with a “Working to Become Dementia Friendly” accreditation, acknowledging their work towards becoming a full Dementia Friendly hospital.
Jo Lane, Dementia Friendly Communities Coordinator for the Alzheimer’s Society, said: “It’s a real pleasure to present the team here at Llandudno Hospital with this award, which marks some fantastic work engaging with people here at the hospital and in the wider community.
“There’s a fantastic action plan in place, both looking at the hospital itself and how to support people outside of care on its wards.
“It doesn’t just look at how the hospital supports its community, it’s about supporting the staff who work here was well to ensure they are equipped to provide the best care possible.”