Dumfries & Galloway pleased with social work budget result

Dumfries and Galloway Council’s Social Work Services committee have reported a net overspend of £49,000 of the Social Work Services budget for 2013/14.

This figure is much improved on the preceding year which saw an overspend of £359,000 with the council calling it a “considerable achievement by the Social Work Services management team who are committed to controlling expenditure through needs assessments and reviews.”

Councillor Ted Thompson, vice-chairman of the Social Work Services committee, said: “There is always a risk of potential overspending in the Social Work Services budget, primarily due to increased service needs and client numbers in the children and families service, and this has been highlighted to members throughout the financial year.

“Reducing the overspend as much as this is a significant achievement and our Social Work Services management and staff are to be congratulated on it.

“The demand-led nature of social work means that we must be constantly vigilant to ensure that budgets are actively reviewed and managed.”