Thousands in midnight march after string of sex attacks

Thousands of people took part in a late-night march in Glasgow highlighting a string of sexual assaults in the city.

Organisers said the event was to reclaim the streets of the city after a number of attacks over the last few weeks.

The march, named These Streets are Made for Walking, started at the entrance to Queen’s Park where ribbons were tied to the gates and candles lit before the march made its way around the streets.

The march was organised on social media by Ashley Crossan and Amanda Johnston with more than 4,000 people responding to a Facebook page created for the event.

Ms Crossan said: “We decided to organise this walk because it is absolutely unacceptable that we feel fear on a day-to-day basis walking our streets of Glasgow.

Ms Johnston added: “It’s awful. People are really quite afraid so we need to do something. With this walk we are hoping that if we can at least raise awareness then that’s a start.”

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