Glasgow care workers look to extend strike action

Glasgow care workers have voted unanimously to escalate their action and intend to stage a further three 72-hour strikes starting in March.

Following two 48-hour strikes in January, nearly 400 Unison members completed a 72-hour strike last weekend.

The employees are in despute with the City Council who plan to cut wages of residential home care workers by up to 7 per cent through the introduction of longer shift patterns.

The move would affect 182 workers, out of a workforce of just over 500, with 122 full time workers on salaries of £20,000-£28,000 facing a loss of £1495 per year, while 60 part-timers face a loss of £794 per year.

A further concern is the changing of job roles of the lowest paid workers to include the administration of medicines.

The council concede that some staff would see their take home pay reduced but said this was because they would be working fewer unsociable hours, stressing basic pay was not being cut.

A spokesman for the council said,”The new workforce plan, which meets the wish of staff for more weekends off and for greater contact with residents, has been agreed to in writing by 93% of staff.

“One of the major benefits of the plan is that 160 staff in temporary positions will receive permanent contracts.

“At a time when there is still great uncertainty in the economy with increased use of zero-hours contracts we believe it is a major plus that we can offer workers secure employment.”