New training scheme offers careers as home-carers in Glasgow

Ten Glaswegians, who have been long-term unemployed, successfully completed a training scheme organised by Cordia and Glasgow Regeneration Agency to become home-carers for the front line services provider.

The candidates, who were identified from GRA’s database each passed a three week course where they learnt the skills needed to be part-time home-care workers, tending to the elderly and vulnerable around Glasgow.

Cordia, an arms length organisation of Glasgow City Council, guaranteed successful candidates a job interview with their home-care department, with each interviewee successfully finding a position of employment as part of the organisation’s weekend home-care team.

After being identified by GRA, the potential trainees took part in a joint interview followed by three week training and shadowing course where they completed personal care tasks. The trainees were specifically skilled on lifting and handling, dementia awareness, adult support protection and dealing with challenging behaviour, bringing them up to the level of fully qualified home-carers.

Almost all of the original candidates had been unemployed for a large number of years or never held full-time jobs, meaning they lacked  the experience or references which are  required when entering this type of role.

Speaking about the training programme, Cathy Waddell, operations manager (care services) at Cordia, said: “This is a tremendous achievement for all of the candidates involved, completing a tough training course to become part of the Cordia team.

They showed tremendous resilience in sticking with the course, getting back into the world of employment.

“Many of the trainees demonstrated extremely admirable skills, with definite potential for eventual managerial roles existing within the class. I’m extremely proud of everyone who took part and would like to wish them all the best in their new roles as home-carers.

“Furthermore, the scheme shows the value of partnerships and how they can work wonders to improve the lives of people within the city.”

Glasgow Regeneration Agency helps to provide economic and social development in communities across Glasgow, designed to improve people’s life chances, choices and the environment where they live.

Bailie Jonathan Findlay, Chair of Glasgow’s Regeneration Agency added; “This is another fine example of how working together in partnership can make the people of Glasgow not only more competitive in the jobs market but to be successful in securing employment.

We are delighted to have been able to provide the support and assistance that enabled our clients to make a smooth transition onto the Cordia training programme. For all 10 candidates to successfully complete the training and gain employment is testament to the work our dedicated advisers undertake with each individual who engages with our services.

The partnership we have developed with Cordia is one that we are fully committed to and I anticipate this is only the beginning of a successful relationship that will continue to produce the excellent results that we have achieved in this instance.”