Social services watchdog finds against Rossie secure unit worker

A disciplinary panel has decided a Tayside child care worker committed ”serious wrongdoing” and must complete extra training.

Sean Bennett used abusive and derogatory language about a child held at Rossie secure accommodation service near Montrose. He also failed to follow a management instruction to keep quiet about an internal investigation.

The Dundee-based Scottish Social Services Council has ruled he committed misconduct, but has decided his offences can be dealt with by placing a condition on his registration rather than striking him off.

The disciplinary sub-committee heard Mr Bennett had been dismissed for gross misconduct following the events in 2010, but was reinstated on appeal.

At the time he worked in one of the secure units at Rossie, which can take up to 30 young people referred from either the criminal justice service or children’s hearings.

Mr Bennett admitted failing to keep the internal inquiry confidential.

He said he wanted to let a woman know about an allegation made against her and had wanted to speak to another person to ”vent”.

Mr Bennett has been ordered to complete several training modules within the next 18 months.

The sub-committee said it was concerned about Mr Bennett’s level of insight into what he had done, although he had shown ”some degree” of remorse.