Dumfries and Galloway social services safety progress check

A progress report is to be delivered on steps taken to tackle health and safety failings found during an audit of Dumfries and Galloway social services.

One of the main areas of concern was an apparent failure to assess the potential hazards faced by social workers in the line of duty.

The audit was carried out in the first three months of 2011.

An action plan was drawn up as a result and a report on its implementation is to be presented to councillors.

Following the audit, a report was published highlighting a catalogue of failings.

The review found little evidence of risk assessments being carried out to identify potential dangers to staff.

In some cases, social work managers were found to be unaware of their health and safety responsibilities.

Plans for dealing with fire were said to be inconsistent from office to office, and there were no contingencies in place to deal with other emergencies.

The findings of the audit were used to develop an action plan to tackle the failings identified.

The strategy, which was first reported to committee almost a year ago, included producing a new health and safety plan, and ensuring that all staff were made aware of their responsibilities and received adequate training.

The council’s social work committee is to now consider a report charting its progress.