‘Very good’ results after Leven care services inspection

SOCIAL work services in Leven have been given a glowing report following a range of inspections that have been undertaken by the Care Inspectorate.

The Robert Gough Centre, Maidstone, Methilhaven Day Centre and Methilhaven Care Home each received announced and unannounced visits by inspectors, over the period of April 1, 2010 and March 31, 2011, with each service graded against four quality themes.

Results have not been published until now, due to the lengthy process of finalising and collating reports, but the themes used for measurement were quality of care and support, quality of environment/information, quality of staffing and quality of management and leadership.

Both the Robert Gough Centre and Methilhaven Day Care Centre were said to have shown improvements on previous inspections whereas Maidstone and Methilhaven Day Centre were judged to have maintained the same standard.

Average scores based on the Inspectorate’s results were worked out by Fife Council’s social work department with each service given a score of five out of six, reflecting a ‘very good’ inspection.

No enforcement actions or requirements were made, however Maidstone was recommended to ensure its premises were safe and secure and that residents are protected from intruders at all times.