Lack of residential respite care in Inverness criticised

The lack of residential respite care for young disabled adults in Inverness has been criticised by parents.

The nearest facility to the city is about 100 miles (160km) away in Caithness.

Parents of disabled children have told BBC Scotland that they want a dedicated unit closer to home.

Highland Council said demand for such care has been declining and families have been making their own arrangements backed with local authority funding.

The parents said youngsters have access to good levels of care, but the residential service ended once they turned 19.

But social work director Bill Alexander said increasingly parents and carers have wanted different models of respite that suit their individual needs.

He said: “Children and their families like very structured respite and residential care, however, for adults most families like diversity.

“They like it less structured and they like different models of respite that can mean respite in your own home. It can mean short breaks away with extended family and friends.”