Report backs move to shut East End day-care centre

COUNCIL bosses claim a new report backs up their controversial plan to demolish a Glasgow day care centre.

The independent report supports a scheme to move people with learning difficulties from the Accord Day Centre, Dalmarnock, to the Bambury Community Centre, in nearby Camlachie.

But carers say they will continue the fight to save the Accord because they fear their vulnerable relatives will receive “third-rate” care, despite council reassurances.

The Accord is due to be closed as part of social service reforms. The empty lot will then be used as a car park for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

The report was produced by Alex Davidson, of the Scottish Government’s Joint Improvement Team, which works directly with health and social care partnerships to provide additional support and capacity and to help address the issues and challenges that partnerships face.

Mr Davidson was also the former head of Adult Services at South Lanarkshire Council and chairman of the Association Of Directors Of Social Work.

Councillor Matt Kerr, Glasgow City Council’s executive member for social care, said: “I welcome this report and the conclusion that the Bambury Centre is a suitable base for people with learning disabilities.

“As the report indicates, the Bambury offers a real opportunity to deliver a service that will encourage greater social inclusion for people who use it.

“Considerable effort has gone into producing the report and so its recommendations will be taken very seriously by the council.

“We acknowledge there are some people who use the Accord and carers who remain unhappy with what is being offered at the Bambury.

“But we hope that once they have read the report and see what is possible with the centre, they will agree with our decision.”

But Grace Carrigan, whose son has autism and Down’s Syndrome, insisted the majority of carers still objected to council plans.

She leads a group called Save The Accord, which is still pushing for a meeting between the city council and all the carers in the dispute.

The 43-year-old said: “My son and others attending the Accord will not get the same service at the Bambury.

“We are guinea pigs to see what will happen when people with learning difficulties are sent to rented rooms in a community centre.

“I don’t agree with the report. I believe we will get a third-rate service and I also believe the Accord is being shut because of the Games.”