Costs pressure grows on adult care budget in East Lothian

Action is having to be taken by East Lothian Council to combat pressures in the adult social care service caused by a growing population.

Murray Leys, the department’s chief, painted the future picture for elected members at a meeting in Haddington last week during which he highlighted the need for continuing additional investment to meet the challenges ahead.

He said: “Over the next eight years, adult social care will continue to face substantial additional pressures as a result of demographic pressures and increasing public expectations.

“It is well known that East Lothian is predicted to be the fastest growing county. The General Register of Scotland forecasts that between 2008 and 2033, the population of East Lothian will grow by a third.

“Between 2008 and 2020, the numbers of older people are forecast to increase by 29 per cent – 2.4 per cent each year.”

Mr Leys explained: “Whilst many of these people will lead active and healthy lives, some people will require care services from the council. In particular this will be the case with people over 85 where numbers will increase by 41 per cent or 88 people per year, and people with dementia where numbers are forecast to increase by 31 per cent or 41 people each year.