Helensburgh public consulted on social care services

PEOPLE in Helensburgh are to have a say on the delivery of social work services over the next five years.

Argyll and Bute Council is set to launch a two-month public consultation on its draft plans for services to some of the area’s most vulnerable residents.

During August and September, the draft Commissioning Strategy and Plans will be distributed to interested parties for their comments.

These include clients and their carers, staff, parents and families, external service providers, elected members and other council departments and partner agencies.

Meetings will also ensure everyone has the chance to have their say over the proposals and there will be an opportunity to post feedback online.

Only once all the comments returned have been collated and considered will the final strategy and plan be drafted later in the year.

Councillor Andrew Nisbet, spokesman for social affairs, said: “What we are striving for is to be able to provide a better quality of life for the people who use these services, as flexibly and efficiently as possible.”

One change proposed is for outside organisations rather than the council to provide care at home for older people. The council also plans to support people in controlling their own social care budgets if they wish.

The draft documents will be posted at www.argyll-bute.gov.uk from Monday, August 15. The consultation will end on Friday, October 14. Details of public meetings will be on the website from August 15.