North Ayrshire to ‘reshape’ its delivery of care services

USERS of North Ayrshire Council’s care services will get greater independence under a radical new makeover agreed this week.

The local authority claim their “reshaping” scheme will give the users greater control over the way they choose the services they need.

But Social Services boss Iona Colvin admits the new scheme will save cash.

This week the council executive approved two reports which covered areas for improvement.

The plans aim to modernise the way care is provided in North Ayrshire – giving service users and their families greater control over the way support and care is provided to them.

The reports also indicated the importance of ensuring that the widest possible range of care providers – such as social enterprises, independent agencies, third sector and personal assistants – are in a position to allow service users to direct their own care.

It can work through a variety of means, such as direct care payments which can be paid to the provider of choice; a direct payment managed by a third party, directing an individual budget, or a combination of all three.

The council say this will allow for a greater tailoring of services to the individual needs of the service user while allowing them a greater role in the way care is designed and provided.

The changes are significantly different from the current traditional model, which sees the majority of services either directly provided or purchased and arranged by the Council.

The proposals aim to develop a strategy outlining a clear vision and commitment to the needs of the individual while ensuring that all of the necessary processes and systems which allow personalisation to work are developed and put in place.

A significant consultation with service users, their carers and service providers will take place over the next four months along with key partners including NHS Ayrshire and Arran.