David takes over as boss of Cordia

Glasgow City Council’s largest arm’s-length firm has appointed a new managing director.

David Melvin has been named as the new boss of Cordia, a company set up by the council to run all frontline services, from social care to catering.

The 59-year-old married father-of-two, who is currently the firm’s Operations Director, will be in charge of more than 7200 members of staff.

Mr Melvin said: “I am delighted to be appointed as Cordia’s managing director.

“My appointment comes at a time of huge challenges to the organisation.

“I look forward to the support of my management team and every member of staff, as I lead Cordia to meet these challenges.”

He has previously taken on the role of Cordia’s Depute Director and has also worked at Lothian Regional Council as a Regional Manager.

Cordia was created in April 2009 by Glasgow City Council to take over the work of its Dir-ect And Care Services department.

The company’s services include home care support to thousands of Glasgow’s most vulnerable citizens, meals for pupils in more than 300 schools and cleaning for all the city’s public buildings.

Chairman of Cordia is Councillor Jim Mackechnie.

He said: “I am delighted to appoint David Melvin as Cordia’s new Managing Director.

“We face many challenges over the coming years and I know David will provide the leadership that we need to ensure our ongoing success as an organisation, providing critical services to the people of Glasgow.”

Mr Melvin’s appointment comes after current boss, Fergus Chambers, announced he is to take early retirement from his £130,000 post.

Scores of managers across the council and its arm’s-length organisations (Aleos), including head of roads and parks Robert Booth and chief solicitor Ian Drummond, have opted to take advantage of enhanced redundancy packages for staff over 50 years old by going for early retirement.