Deaf Action and Tayside Deaf Association have merged

TWO long-established organisations supporting Perthshire people with hearing difficulties have come together.

Deaf Action and Tayside Deaf Association have merged to pool close to 300 years of experience in providing services to promote independence.

Bill Nicol, a member of the Perth lip reading group, made clear the importance of the services.

“The lip reading classes cost very little to sustain but they provide members with much more than the skills of lip reading,” he said.

“People diagnosed with a hearing loss can very quickly become isolated. By attending lip reading classes people get valuable support, advice and companionship, it is important that these services continue and develop.”

Deaf Action director Liz Scott Gibson said the move would benefit those who are hard of hearing.

“We are looking forward to continuing and developing the services currently available in Tayside, and in working together to develop innovative local services to meet the needs of deaf people today,” she added.

Since 1893, Tayside Deaf Association has been supporting deaf, deafened, deaf/blind and hard of hearing people.

The merger with Deaf Action will see the introduction of new services including a specialist equipment room, information and advice, online communication support, multimedia translation and increased community activities.

Established services include communication support, social care, development and training and the sound sense befriending project.