Fife care homes consultation extended

Consultation on plans to privatise Fife Council-run residential care homes has been extended until January 4.

However, the deadline could be pushed back another two weeks after Councillor Andrew Rodger raised concerns about the consultation coinciding with the festive season.

At Thursday’s council meeting, social work and health chairman Tim Brett agreed to ask Stephen Moore, the executive director of social work, to extend the consultation, which had been set to close today.

Fife Labour leader Alex Rowley said the January 4 deadline left staff and relatives insufficient time to respond.

As we have reported, relatives, carers and staff are being asked about plans to hand over seven of the council’s 10 homes to the private sector.

So far the council has received 97 responses.

Rona Laing, head of older people services, said the consultation had been extended after being hit by the recent severe weather. Disruption to the postal service meant letters were delayed and some people were unable to get to meetings because of the snow.