City of Edinburgh announce development of ‘Personalisation Agenda’

Pioneering developments in the field of personal social care was highlighted at a special lecture in Edinburgh on November 11.

The Annual Social Work Lecture 2009, organised by the City of Edinburgh Council, was delivered by Peter Gilroy, Chief Executive of Kent County Council.

The audience heard about ‘The Personalisation Agenda’ as developed by the English local authority.

The personal care initiatives implemented by Kent County Council include:

* The largest Telehealth pilot in Europe with over 1,000 people leading more independent lives resulting in reduced hospital admissions/visits

* Web-based self assessment with a 24/7 helpline via their contact centre. Instant confirmation of eligibility with cases going straight through to a menu of services to choose from

* The Kent Card – a Visa card which helps people take control of funds to support their social care needs. It is a secure and convenient way of receiving direct payments for personal care without the need for a bank account

Councillor Paul Edie, Health and Social Care leader for Edinburgh, said the initiatives developed in Kent could shape the future of personal care in Scotland.

He said: “The City of Edinburgh Council has been leading the way in this country in terms of personal care and it is important we learn how other local authorities have openly embraced the personalisation agenda.

“We are committed to supporting people in need in Edinburgh by helping them lead independent and active lives. This is what personalisation achieves as it puts people in control and makes a reality of choice.”