Indecent Photo Care Worker Sacked

A care home worker accused of taking an indecent photo of an elderly resident in Dundee has been sacked. The woman was initially suspended from her job at Lochleven Care Home following the allegations.

However, at a disciplinary hearing on Thursday she was told she was being dismissed from the company.

Thistle Healthcare, which owns the care home, has also banned the use of personal mobile phones at all its homes in Scotland.

‘Vulnerable residents’

Operations Director Brian Padaruth said: “Following the hearing, the outcome was that it was misconduct and she wasn’t suitable for employment in that environment. She won’t be working for the company again.

“It’s unfortunate it happened and we will continue to monitor our staff all the time to make sure that people behave professionally and safeguard our elderly, vulnerable residents.”

Up to 100 elderly people can be cared for at Lochleven.

Thistle Healthcare also have homes in Glasgow and across Lanarkshire.

On the mobile phone ban, Mr Padaruth said: “We think there’s a potential of abuse especially with mobile phones having cameras.

“So we felt it safer for our service users that we ban the use of mobile phones while staff are on duty.”