Borders Care Staff Win Deportation Battle

Eight care home workers in the Scottish Borders have won their fight to stay in the country. The Home Office twice refused to renew the work permits for the Filipino staff at Whim Hall near West Linton.

The decision meant that the workers – who all live in Peebles – were facing deportation from the UK.

However, an appeal by their employers, backed by MP David Mundell, has proved successful, allowing the staff to remain at the Borders care home.

The eight workers have been in Scotland for four years after their original two-year permits were extended in 2005.

However, when they applied for a further extension the Home Office refused, telling them that the rules had changed.

A second attempt also failed leaving them facing expulsion from the UK.

An appeal was then organised on the group’s behalf by their employers and their local MP Mr Mundell.

They argued that the staff were all well qualified and the home could not find workers locally to replace them.

The Home Office has now accepted that argument and within a year all the workers could qualify for British citizenship.