Social Worker Fired Over Email ‘Slurs’

A social work official has been fired for sending an email to councillors and MSPs accusing colleagues of fraud, racism and sex scandals.

Mum-of-three Carrie Annabi, 41, was sacked after sending the email to every South Ayrshire councillor as well as politicians across the south of Scotland.

The 91-page message sent in June accused 22 different council officers of offences.

Council bosses fired Carrie, from Ayr, at a disciplinary hearing on August 10.

She had previously been suspended on full pay for 18 months after she was accused of sending a crank Valentine’s card to her boss’s wife. In a letter following the disciplinary hearing, bosses told Carrie her emails had damaged the council’s reputation.

It said: “There are some 22 council officers named in the document who are variously accused of financial misappropriation, racial, religious or sexual discrimination.

“None of these allegations have been substantiated.

“In doing this, you have breached both the council’s respect at work policy and code of conduct for employees.

“These are unacceptable breaches as a result of which I have no hesitation in finding you should be dismissed.”

Last night, Carrie said: “I was suspended with full pay for 18 months. During this time I’ve been trying to clear my name.

“I’ve been denied all opportunities to have a fair hearing within the council.

“The council suggested these issues should have been investigated internally. But I tried for five years to have them investigated.”

Last night, a South Ayrshire Council spokesman said: “The matter is subject to an appeal and as such it would be inappropriate to comment.”