Time Banking Scotland Launched

The future of time banking in Scotland is set to grow as a joint initiative is launched by Volunteer Development Scotland and Time Banks UK. The partnership seeks to complement and strengthen traditional volunteering by breaking down the time barrier in order to reach out to those who don’t normally get involved.

Time Banking Scotland achieves this by awarding credits to individuals for the time spent volunteering which can be saved and exchanged for help from others when needed.

Such exchanges are viewed as an excellent way of contributing to active citizenship and social justice. Martin Simon, executive director of Time Banks UK said: “Time Banking is a new way of reciprocal volunteering based on people sharing their skills and their time to build their community.”

The time banking model was introduced in the UK in 1998 and there are currently 8 banks in Scotland. Volunteer Development Scotland will aim to support these and assist those interesting in setting up and running their own.

George Thomson, chief executive of Volunteer Development Scotland said: “As Scotland’s centre for excellence in volunteering development we provide an authoritative point of contact for all volunteering matters.

“We are therefore as keen to get as many people engaged as possible – more people means more time, which will ensure people and their communities benefit from greater diversity and the creation of new opportunities.”

The new initiative hopes to ensure that time baking becomes a part of everyday life in Scotland’