Major Seminar Looks At Housing, Health And Social Care

A ground breaking seminar in Glasgow’s East End will this week look at how housing, health and social care services can work together to benefit local residents.

Organised by East Glasgow Community Health and Care Partnership (CHCP) and local housing providers, “Housing and Support – A Shared Agenda” is the first event of its kind in Glasgow’s East End.

Councillor Jim Coleman, Chair of the East Glasgow CHCP, will open the seminar at Celtic Park on Friday, May 11 at 9.30pm.  He sees that significant overlaps already exist between social care, health care and housing. But he believes that closer links between all three sectors can bring enormous benefits to a wide range of vulnerable people.

He said: – “Good quality housing is vital to making sure that the residents of East Glasgow Community Health and Care Partnership (CHCP) enjoy a healthy life. Our aim at East Glasgow CHCP is to improve the health, well-being and quality of life of local people. The housing agenda is a key issue for us.  The seminar is a move towards a new way of working which can only benefit tenants in Glasgow’s East End.”

The East Glasgow CHCP is currently drafting a development plan for 2007 to 2010, which includes the intention to establish a Housing Interface Team as a way to bridge the gap between the CHCP and the housing sector.  This team will provide a day-to-day link with housing providers but also offer advice when tenants need help from health and social care services.

Mark Feinmann, Director East Glasgow CHCP, believes that a collaborative approach will pay dividends as it will make it easier for care and housing professionals to address fundamental concerns.

He said: “Staff need to work together to make sure that people who may have chaotic lifestyles as a result of mental health or addiction problems can sustain their tenancies. We also need to make sure we provide barrier free housing or sheltered accommodation for older and disabled people so they can remain as independent within the community as possible.”

“In addition young people leaving care may require some form of support to enable them to sustain their tenancy and people who register as homeless require both temporary and more permanent accommodation.”