Induction Guidance Tools Launched For Social Service Employers

A useful family of tools that can help social service employers plan their staff induction has been launched by the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC).  The Preparing for Practice induction tools include:

  • a CD ROM which gives comprehensive guidance on all the main aspects of induction
  • a summary leaflet that introduces what Preparing for Practice is
  • Preparing for Practice pages on the SSSC website.

Preparing for Practice was produced in response to the National Strategy for the Development of the Social Services Workforce in Scotland – A Plan for Action 2005-2010, and has been developed with employers, for employers.  

Carole Wilkinson, Chief Executive of the SSSC said: “There are a range of approaches to induction and the guidance is intended to assist employers when developing induction arrangements for their own workers.  It is a starting point which they can add to and develop over time”.

Employers are encouraged to adapt the guidance to the specific needs of their own workforce and can also design their own induction plan using the Induction Planning & Tracking tool, which is part of the guidance. The guidance covers induction of all staff, not just social service employees.  

The full induction guidance has been produced in the form of the Preparing for Practice CD ROM. You can request a copy of the CD ROM or summary leaflet which are available FREE from the SSSC by calling 0845 60 30 891 or download the Preparing for Practice guidance form from the SSSC website.