Reviews For Asylum Family Cases

The Home Office has agreed to review the cases of 1,000 asylum seeking families in Scotland, First Minister Jack McConnell has said. The Scottish Executive asked the UK Government to look again at long-running cases involving children who have grown up in Scotland.

Mr McConnell said he wanted a “sensitive” approach to be taken in such cases. He said he expected many families would be allowed to remain.

Education Minister Hugh Henry last week wrote to the Home Office calling for officials to bear in mind that many youngsters involved in so-called “legacy” cases were well integrated into society.

Speaking at First Minister’s Question Time, Mr McConnell said many youngsters in this situation now regarded themselves as Scots. “That is why I believe that those legacy cases, as they are known, are so important.”

He went on: “We have received a commitment from Home Office ministers that they will be properly looked at and I welcome that commitment. I want to ensure that in implementing that commitment due care is taken in relation to the futures of those young people because of their contribution to our schools.”

The first minister said a fair but tough immigration policy was needed alongside a sensitive approach to legacy cases.