Charity To End Care Over Funding

A leading north east charity has said it will stop providing care for adults with learning disabilities after a row over funding. Cornerstone said it had failed to reach agreement with Aberdeen City Council and would no longer offer care services for more than 60 people.

The council said it could not afford to pay what Cornerstone charged. After protracted negotiations both sides have been unable to compromise. The care will end on 11 April.

Cornerstone said it had still been willing to provide care at home and in the community for 68 adults with learning disabilities and other special needs. It will continue to help about 40 adults in the long-term under a different funding arrangement.

John Grant, Cornerstone’s head of operations, told BBC Scotland: “We have provided these services over many years and were happy to continue. Sadly our discussions with Aberdeen City Council have not reached a satisfactory conclusion. This has been a very difficult decision to make but Cornerstone could not continue to subsidise this service from our own very limited resources.

“The council feel they can have similar services for less costs and that’s up to them to them to reassure service users that the quality remains the same.”

Aberdeen City Council said it would look to the private and voluntary sector to provide good quality and appropriate care. It added that every individual would have their needs assessed and an appropriate level of care provided.