Anti-Asylum Activists Join Demo

Protesters opposed to dawn raids on asylum seekers have gathered outside a Home Office immigration centre. Positive Action in Housing claimed the demonstration at Brand Street, Govan, Glasgow, was to prevent vehicles used in the raids from leaving the compound. The 60-strong group arrived at the centre at about 0530 GMT on Sunday.

The organisation said in the past fortnight, Sunday morning dawn raids have been carried out on four asylum families in the city. The demonstrators included local residents, asylum seekers, refugees, local teachers and church ministers.

Robina Qureshi, director of Positive Action in Housing, said: “Three or four dawn raids are now happening every week. It frightens the parents, the children, the neighbours, schoolteachers, everyone.”

Rev Dr Iain Whyte, a Church of Scotland minister, said: “As members of a civilised society, we cannot stand by and allow these inhumane policies to take hold in Scotland.”

A demonstration, involving about a dozen people, took place at the centre last week.