Registration Will Make Social Care More Professional

The registration of social care workers will bring a new professionalism to the sector. That’s the view of David Baird, the current President of the Social Care Association. David was speaking at a lunch hosted by Kibble Education and Care Centre, in Paisley – where David is Head of Community Services – to acknowledge his year as President of the SCA.

He said: “The social care sector will be much more professional and have a greater credibility once all the phases of registration are complete. It has been long overdue. Registration will set minimum standards of training and qualification and this is good for the social care service and the people who provide that service.

“It is likely that when social care staff apply to re-register three years after they have first registered, they will be expected to have gained at least an HNC/SVQ Level 3 in Social Care. I know there are some who have issues with funding and the ability of some organisations to carry out the training, but this will take our sector to a new level of professionalism.”

Kibble’s chief executive, Graham Bell said: “The move to registration will benefit and encourage staff to learn more and gain nationally recognised qualifications and it will make them better at what they do – caring for other people. At Kibble, we are committed to the principles of continuous professional development, believing it is important for all staff to continue to grow and learn throughout their careers. Kibble strives to achieve not only the minimum national standards required in relation to staff qualifications, but to look beyond this to having the care staff fully qualified.”

The phased registration of social care workers with the Scottish Social Services Council – the regulatory body for social services in Scotland – began in April 2003 and the final phase begins in the autumn of 2009.