Catholic Abuse Claims To Be Heard

{mosimage} People who allegedly suffered abuse at Catholic children’s homes will have their claims for compensation heard this week. Twenty-one former residents at Nazareth House homes in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Kilmarnock are seeking awards after claims they were abused by some of the nuns who ran the homes.

In July, 18 people received payments ranging from £1000 to £7500 from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and now lawyer Cameron Fyfe is taking the other cases forward.

{mosimage} He said: “What is important in this instance is not the amount of money my clients will receive, but the recognition by a government-run organisation of the severe abuse suffered over many years.

“My clients are unlikely to receive large sums of money and have never been motivated by the thought of remuneration. Their ideal outcome is that eventually the criminal case will be tried again and be found in their favour.”

One former resident, Christopher Daly, from Rutherglen, Glasgow, claims he suffered physical and emotional abuse during the five years he spent at Nazareth House in Aberdeen.

Mr Daly, 42, said: “Our treatment there was appalling and I’m still haunted by the memories to this day. We were regularly punched, kicked or hit for the slightest thing and constantly told of our worthlessness.

“In an ideal world, all us adult survivors of abuse would be able to leave our awful memories behind and get on with a normal life but for all too many of us that’s just not possible.”

He added: “Although having the courts recognise the suffering we endured as young children is significant, we will have to live with the scars of this abuse for the rest of our lives.”

Mr Fyfe also represents a number of other former residents and it is thought that hearings for their claims will take place next year.