New Guides To Help Older People In Scotland And Wales

The national charity for older people, Counsel and Care, has published a new range of factsheets specifically for older people living in Scotland or Wales. Counsel and Care has a proven track record of providing advice to older people, and these new factsheets are tailored specifically to the needs of older people in Scotland and Wales. Devolved governments mean that many of the processes for finding and funding care are different to England.

There are separate factsheets covering Scotland and Wales which give more information about:
– Community care assessment and services
– Hospital discharge
– Paying care home fees
– Third party top ups in care homes
– Complaints about community care and NHS services

The factsheets explain in a straightforward way how to access services for older people, what to expect when services are in place, and what to do if things go wrong.

Stephen Burke, Chief Executive of Counsel and Care, said: “One in ten enquirers to Counsel and Care’s advice service live in Scotland or Wales, so we know there is a need for more information for older people. These factsheets are an excellent introduction to the issues which affect many older people, their carers and families. Because they focus specifically on Welsh or Scottish legislation, they are a very useful guide to the system in these countries.

“In Wales a fifth of the population is over 65, and by 2021 the same is predicted for Scotland. Counsel and Care is working to ensure that these growing numbers of older people have access to their full rights and entitlements, especially in the complex area of health and social care services.

“Counsel and Care also publishes a full range of factsheets which are relevant for older people throughout England, Wales and Scotland. These are increasingly popular as more older people and their families who need help contact us via our website or by telephone. Our aim is to make sure that all older people are able to access tailored information which helps them and their carers through the care and welfare maze.”