Living statue fitted with brightly coloured bra as part of push to check for signs of breast cancer

A living statue of the pioneering scientist Marie Curie has been adorned with a brightly coloured bra, as part of an effort to encourage more women to check for signs of breast cancer.

Breast cancer survivor Caroline Kennedy Alexander set up underwear company LoveRose to provide specialist bras for women who have undergone breast surgery – with the firm named in memory of her sister Rose, one of two sisters she had who died from the disease.

One in seven women in the UK will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, with some 55,000 women a year diagnosed with the disease.

Ms Alexander said as well as urging women to check their breasts regularly, she wanted to highlight the work of Marie Curie in the treatment of cancer.

The scientist is remembered for her discovery of radium and polonium, and for her contribution to finding treatments for cancer.

Artist and performer Izabela Walkowiak-Radcliffe became a living statue of Marie Curie on the streets of Edinburgh on Friday, where she was fitted with a specialist bra designed to provide extra support for cancer patients who have undergone breast surgery by Ms Alexander.

The LoveRose founder said: “Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the UK with one woman diagnosed every 10 minutes.

“As we mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month and pay tribute to the work of Marie Curie in her treatment of cancer, I want to, first of all, remind women to check their breasts regularly for potential signs of breast cancer.

“I also want to show women who have been through breast cancer surgery that they don’t have to settle for bland bras.

“I know from my own experience with breast cancer and surgery that it’s not just the physical scars that need healed, it’s the emotional scars too.

“Our bras are made in beautiful mood-boosting colours and luxurious fabrics designed to make women feel good after surgery.”

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