Follow up Police Scotland campaign urges men to call out harassment of women

A new police campaign has urged men in Scotland to call out harassment against women among their friends.

In the second iteration of the That Guy campaign, Police Scotland have put the onus on men to step in if their friends engage in harassing behaviour against women.

The initial campaign, launched last year, won plaudits for its stance that the blame for sexual assault, harassment and rape sits firmly with men.

This year, a new film showing men talking about the importance in calling out harassing or sexist behaviour against women has been released.

Launching the new campaign on Monday, Deputy Chief Constable Malcolm Graham called on men to “be that friend” and speak about harassment with peers and think about the impact of their actions on women.

“Last year’s campaign asked men to reflect on their own behaviours and attitudes – and those of their friends, family and colleagues – towards women, to prevent rape, sexual assault and harassment,” he said.

“We held up the mirror to harassing and abusive behaviours that impact on women. Now we are focusing on a solution.

“Our new campaign is about what men can do. It asks them to think about the impact their friend’s behaviour has on women, and to step in, to be that friend.

“Be the mate who takes a friend aside, and has that quiet word.

“It’s about stopping a friend doing something they will regret.

“Of course not all men go on to offend but all men have a responsibility and a role to play in ending sexual violence against women and girls.

“This isn’t about shaming. We are asking men to be a mate, look out for your friends, to join the conversation and to stop sexual offending before it starts.”

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