Mansfield to create 100 new jobs with combined 60-bed facility and children’s nursery in Haddington

A Scottish care home operator will invest up to £10m with the launch of a new 60-bed facility – a move that will be its biggest project to date.

Mansfield Care’s new development in Haddington will also be combined with a nursery catering for up to 60 children aged five and below.

The twin development is likely to create up to 100 new jobs, and is estimated to provide around £2m for the local economy each year.

Mansfield say the building will be the first fully compliant care home for older people in East Lothian to meet the Care Inspectorate’s vision for the future design of Care Homes.

Company founder, Andrew Hume (pictured, second from right), said the expanding population of Haddington and the surrounding area has underpinned their confidence in the need for both facilities.

Hume commented: “This is our most ambitious and exciting project to date and is set to be of huge benefit to the local community.

“We have been diligent in our planning to provide the best possible care facilities that are in line with current and emerging guidelines around small scale living.

“It is our largest undertaking to date and will be our first purpose-built-from-scratch care home. It presents an exciting opportunity for us, and importantly will provide the people who require this service in Haddington and in the surrounding area.”

The Haddington development has been supported by cross-party local councillors from its inception.

East Lothian councillor, Craig Hoy, said: “The new care home and nursery are very welcome for Haddington and the wider area and will provide care facilities and much needed jobs locally.

“I wish Mansfield Care well as the construction gets underway.”

Mansfield, who operate 11 care homes across Edinburgh Borders and west of Scotland, are aiming for completion in March 2023.

Picture (c) Mansfield Care.