Charities and community organisations in Scotland to split £200 million to tackle poverty and trauma

Charities and community organisations are to split £200 million over the next 10 years to tackle poverty and trauma.

The Robertson Trust has announced the funding as part of its 2020-2030 strategy.

Charities will be able to apply for one of five separate funds, which supports organisations, big and small, working to address poverty and trauma in Scotland.

Estimates say that around 17% of Scotland’s population lived in absolute poverty after housing costs in 2016-19.

During the same period, it is estimated that 24% of children were also living in poverty.

Launching the funds, Shonaig Macpherson (pictured), chairwoman of The Robertson Trust, said: “The current Covid-19 crisis has demonstrated the fundamental role of Scotland’s third sector in helping to protect and support communities and individuals in times of crisis, and in particular from the adverse effects of poverty and trauma.

“We have been humbled by the efforts of the sector in the last few months and all that has been achieved, before and during the current health crisis.

“At a time when funding is becoming increasingly difficult to secure, demand for services is rising, demonstrating the need for better resource and support.

“Our new strategy, which is accompanied by a commitment to provide £200 million of funding to the sector over the next 10 years, aims to ensure we are playing our part in eradicating poverty and trauma.”

Mrs Macpherson added: “However, we recognise that even this scale of investment is not enough. In the long-term, Scotland needs to change the way the systems that support people work.

“Together, the public, private and third sectors must review the way we address poverty and trauma in Scotland, and ultimately prevent them from occurring in the first place.”

In recognition of the importance of access to safe, local spaces to bring people together, reduce social isolation and break down barriers, the trust will also provide funding for community buildings, as well as a community vehicle fund as a means of ensuring people remain connected and engaged with their communities.

“We will work across sectors, but with a particular focus on the third sector, to support and enable communities experiencing poverty or trauma, to end its negative impact on individuals and the whole of society, once and for all so that everyone in Scotland can thrive.”

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