Care worker accused of attempted murder of elderly patients at Ayrshire hospital

A care worker is to stand trial for the attempted murder of two patients at an Ayrshire hospital.

Calum Knox, 29, is accused of trying to kill Ann Reid, 81, and Susan Reid, 73, in a ward at Crosshouse Hospital, Kilmarnock in July last year.

Prosecutors claim Knox, from Ayr, exposed each to the “risk of aspiration”.

It is alleged he placed Ann Reid on her back and syringed liquid into her mouth. He is also said to have removed the oxygen mask of Susan Reid is accused of pouring liquid into her mouth. Both women have since died.

Knox also faced a separate charge of neglecting each woman and three other elderly patients.

It was also claimed that he left the ward for ‘excessive periods’ of time, falsified records and lied to senior staff in respect of his care of patients.

Knox faces seven more charges of assaulting pensioners including allegedly striking one man on the head and causing another to fall to the floor. The assaults said to have occurred at both Crosshouse and Windyhall Nursing Home in Ayr.

The pensioners – who have all since died – were aged between 86 and 95 at the time.

Defence advocate Lorenzo Alonzi pled not guilty on Knox’s behalf and he was granted bail.

Lady Scott said a trial would begin next February.

Picture (c) Billy McCrorie (cc-by-sa/2.0)