Discrimination against older people to be tackled by Scottish Government

The Scottish Government has set out a new framework to tackle discrimination against older people.

It hopes to strengthen elderly people’s rights and ensure they do not encounter barriers to continue working.

Speaking at the Ageing Well Midlothian programme, Older People and Equalities Minister Christina McKelvie said they should not have to face “negative perceptions surrounding ageing”.

“Ageing is inevitable but growing older should not mean having to face barriers or discrimination, and one of the issues the framework addresses is the negative perceptions surrounding ageing,” Ms McKelvie said.

“Older people in our society have much to offer and contribute and we are committed to supporting them.

“This is why we are funding the celebration of older people at the Festival of Ageing, increasing digital inclusion, promoting fair workplace practices and ensuring we have a housing system which works for an ageing population.

“This framework is the next part of the journey and I am looking forward to an exciting trip, where we all work together to create the best country to age in.”

The framework also sets out a range of challenges faced by older people, such as increasing numbers of bank and library closures, as well as access to healthcare locally.

Ms McKelvie added: “You only need to look at the Ageing Well project to see the many positive examples of older people enjoying life and bringing joy to their local community. This is what we need to encourage.”

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