Paisley nursery must make urgent improvemets following inspection visit

A nursery in Paisley has must make urgent improvements in the quality of care and learning experienced by children, inspectors have warned.

The Care Inspectorate has served a formal Improvement Notice on Angels Day Nursery following an inspection which raised concerns.

The notice lists six areas which require urgent improvement including staffing levels, staff training and management practice.

The Improvement Notice says staff must demonstrate to the Care Inspectorate that a system is in place to monitor the standard of care and learning experienced by children in the nursery.  A record of areas identified for development and improvements made must be maintained, they added.

In addition, staff must demonstrate that each child has a written plan which sets out how their health, welfare and safety needs will be met.  Plans must be reviewed at least once every six months, when there has been a significant change in a child’s health, welfare or safety needs.

Inspectors also said staff must show they know what action must be taken when an accident or incident occurs in the nursery.  Procedures must also detail the steps that must be taken when medication is administered to a child.

A spokesperson for the Care Inspectorate said: “The Improvement Notice we have issued clearly lays out the improvements we must see so that the care experienced by children improves quickly.
“We will visit this nursery again soon to check on progress and if we are not satisfied that the matters raised are being addressed urgently we will not hesitate to take further action.”
The improvement notice is available here:

Picture (c) Thomas Nugent Creative Commons.