New childcare careers website aims to boost workforce numbers in Scotland

A new website designed to encourage people to consider taking up a career in childcare in Scotland has been launched today.

The website, developed the website in partnership with the Scottish Social Services Council, Skills Development Scotland, the Care Inspectorate and Smarter Scotland (Scottish Government), shows how someone can build a career in day care of children, which includes early learning and childcare (ELC), out of school care, childminding and other services where children are cared for during the day.

The website explains childhood experiences last a lifetime and highights the need for a skilled, confident workforce to make sure all children have the best start possbile. With big increases planned for funded ELC in Scotland the site suggests there’s never been a better time to start a career in childcare.

In summary the website details:

  • How the recent increase of funded ELC entitlement has created 11,000 more job opportunities between now and 2020
  • The diversity of career paths, shown through the career stories of current childcare professionals
  • The different ways to gain experience and qualifications
  • How to access learning resources and training providers.

Anyone interested careers in this area can use the website to help make their first steps and for those already working in childcare, there are some inspirational ideas about where their career might take them next.

Visit the website at