Holyrood committee seeks views on new welfare system legislation

Benefit claimants are being asked their views on new legislation that will establish Scotland’s first welfare system.

The Social Security Bill introduced last week will give ministers the power to deliver 11 benefits devolved under the Scotland Act 2016, including disability living allowance, winter fuel payment and the carer’s allowance.

The move will affect more than 1.4 million people in Scotland and will lead to expenditure of £2.9 billion a year.

As part of its scrutiny of the Bill, Holyrood’s Social Security Committee wants to hear from those who will be directly affected.

Convener Sandra White said: “This Bill will have a huge effect on the daily lives of millions of people across Scotland.

“It will impact on some of the most vulnerable in our society and so it is vital that our committee make sure any Bill works and delivers for ordinary Scots.

“It is clear from the principles within the Bill that the Scottish Government want people to be at the heart of the new system.

“Our committee want to know what impact these principles will have and what these will mean for claimants who will have to live with the effects of this Bill.

“There is no doubt that this Bill marks a major change for Scotland in how the 11 benefits will be delivered.

“This is why we want to hear directly from those people to hear their views on whether the Bill will make a difference.”

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