Suspended: carer who covered up medication error

A care worker at a Belfast residential home who failed to give a patient medication and then hid her mistake has been suspended from the social care register.

Sarah Roy was found guilty of misconduct for a series of errors relating to the administration of medication and has been removed from the register for six months.

A hearing of the Northern Ireland Social Care Council (NISCC) conduct committee last week found Ms Roy failed to give two tablets to a resident of the care home and then tried to hide her mistake by removing the tablets from their packet.

She also failed to record medication given to a patient and left a medication cupboard unlocked.

The committee said Ms Roy had failed to be honest and trustworthy, reliable and dependable and that her actions did not meet standards of practice and work in a lawful, safe and effective way.

It found her behaviour called into question her integrity and honesty and she has been suspended from the NISCC Social Care Register for six months.

The committee said: “In considering sanctions against Ms Roy, the committee stated that adherence to medical procedures and protocols is a fundamental aspect of social care practice.

“Ms Roy had committed a number of medication errors and had attempted to conceal her failures, which questioned her integrity and honesty.

“The committee took into account a number of mitigating factors. They noted that Ms Roy had attended the hearing and had admitted all of the facts. They also took into consideration that Ms Roy had already been suspended for a considerable period of time.

“Therefore, the committee concluded that it was appropriate and proportionate to suspend Ms Roy’s registration on the NISCC Social Care Register for a period of six months.”

Under law, Ms Roy is permitted to continue working as a social care worker even though she has been suspended from the social care register.


The Northern Ireland Social Care Council (NISCC) is the regulatory body for the social care workforce in Northern Ireland. In December last year the Health Minister at the time, Michael McGimpsey, announced the introduction of compulsory registration with the NISCC for social care workers. It is hoped that the register will ensure the safety of vulnerable people.