New Ulster Research Focuses On Epilepsy Care

How can care for people with epilepsy be improved? That is the question nursing experts from the University of Ulster will be asking as part of a new project.

The research team from Ulster’s School of Nursing have joined forces with the charity Epilepsy Action to help devise better systems – including a care plan – for the co-ordination of epilepsy care based on current best practice.

And they are looking for people with the condition and their carers to come forward to take part in the six month study, costing £25,000 – funded by the UK-wide charity.

 The School of Nursing’s Professor George Kernohan, who is overseeing the Epilepsy Care Plan Project, said: “In the UK around 450,000 people have epilepsy, one in every 131 of the population. Significant health and social problems are associated with epilepsy, including social exclusion, disability and stigmatisation and these issues can impact on many aspects of life such as getting about by car, relationships and employment. 

“However, an effective, coordinated epilepsy service can reduce the effects of the disease and improve quality of life for people with epilepsy and their families.

“A care plan is an arrangement between the patient and the health and social services to help manage epilepsy on a day-to-day basis.  There is a need at national level for standards to be set so that services are more tailored to the needs of individuals.”

Monica Cooper, Services Manager with Epilepsy Action, said: “It is our aim that the care plan developed as a result of this study should serve as such an example in order to improve health care services for people with epilepsy and their families.”

If you are an adult with epilepsy or care for an adult with epilepsy and you would like to contribute your views to this research project please email Wendy Cousins at the School of Nursing on [email protected] or contact Epilepsy Action through its website –