NI ‘Most Generous’ To Charity

People in Northern Ireland are the most likely in the UK to give money to charity, a new survey has revealed. Despite relatively low incomes, households which made donations were handing over £42 a month on average, the Government study found

A think tank said the reasons could include higher levels of church-going in the province or more effective fundraising strategies by voluntary groups. nfpSynergy spokesman Patrick Brennan said: “It could be that Northern Ireland people are more intrinsically generous or local fundraisers are doing a better job. These dramatic and unequivocal findings raise important further questions.”

The report – Family Expenditure Survey – found that 47% of those polled in the province gave away money, compared with the UK average of 30%. Charities benefiting range from those combating famine in Africa to supporting cancer research in Northern Ireland. The portion of income given was 1.7% in the province.

The UK-wide 2006 snapshot showed people in the South of Great Britain were donating more than those in the North. Levels ranged from £15 per month in the East Midlands to £83 in London. nfpSynergy is conducting an analysis of the research, which was based on 6,000 households across the UK. The group specialises in voluntary sector issues.

Belfast city centre has been awash with charity agents approaching shoppers and office workers for money. There are also many Christian organisations like St Vincent De Paul and Christian Aid, competing with a variety of causes.