Nurses Vote In Favour Of Settlement

Nurses have voted in favour of accepting proposals to end their work-to-rule. The result of the ballot of over 35,000 members of the Irish Nurses Organisation was 54% in favour and 46% against.

Their work-to-rule will be lifted tomorrow morning at 8am.

Nurses voted on settlement proposals to end their 52-day dispute over pay and working hours.

Nurses and midwives were offered a 37.5-hour week by June next year, as well as an independent commission to examine how and when a 35-hour week can be achieved.

Under the settlement, the main pay issues must be dealt with through benchmarking.

The result of a ballot of members of the Psychiatric Nurses Association on the deal will not be available until 5 June.

The Minister for Health, Mary Harney, welcomed the result of the vote.

She said the outcome is ‘very encouraging’.   She added: ‘Together we can deliver changes for patients that do not involve reduction in services or new cost for taxpayers.’